DTG Printing

Example of DTG printed t-shirts. Multi-colour prints with no minimum orders.


What Is DTG Printing?

Direct To Garment (DTG) is a method of printing t-shirts, hoodies and other fabric garments. It works similar to a regular computer printer that digitally prints any graphic on to the shirt.

What Are The Benefits?

  • No minimum orders! - This is perfect for samples or fulfilling orders only when they sell.
  • No limit on colours - unlike screen printing, full colour photographs can be replicated. This gives more freedom on your design process.
  • Water-based inks - Needless to say, this is better for the environment but also produces prints that are softer to the touch.

How To Prep Artwork

There are a handful of considerations:

  • Ensure artwork is at least 300dpi
  • The largest print size is 20x16in
  • Try to size artwork to the final print size - if it's too small and we have to enlarge it it may pixelate.
  • PNG files with no background are most preferable.