More and more companies are becoming eco-conscious and we are proud to provide many businesses with high-quality eco workwear. Polo shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and tees are all available for custom prints. And now with our embroidery service, jackets, fleeces, soft shells, windbreakers and many more items are available. 

We have no minimum orders which is perfect if you are needing samples or individualised garments for events. 

Know what you want? Contact Us to get the ball rolling.


Print or Embroidery?

This depends on a handful of things;

1) What garment are you wanting? A t-shirt will print well but a fleece is more suited to embroidery. 

2) What is your logo like? A simple logo with a handful of colours can either be printed or embroidered but something more intricate would prefer a print. 

3) What finish do you prefer? A print will be soft to the touch but embroidery will be harder wearing. 

4) How big is the image? Large embroidered graphics on the back of a hoodie would cost a lot but smaller designs are more viable. 

Do you have a larger order or any questions? Simply Email Us or call 01394 337078